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View the brief instructional video before signing on below.

The best way to experience the value of Group MarketShare and its power to quickly high-value answers® is to think of a high-value question you want to ask and answer for your company. For example:
  1. What is our trend in market share by case size band? Don't set any limiting criteria because your question applies to entire market. Just go to the “Design/View Report” tab, design a report with line-item “effective date” and group level “lives at issue,” and then view a market share report format.
  2. Same question, but for manufacturing firms in the Midwest. Apply drill-down criteria as shown in the video and re-run the same report.
  3. What brokers control that business, by metro area, and which ones do we not yet do business with? Leave the drill-down criteria the same and run a report with line-item “brokerage name” and group level “brokerage metro area.”
  4. What plan features and rates do we sell compared to plan features and rates these firms buy from our competition? Again, leave the drill-down criteria the same and run a report by maximum benefit amount.
  5. What are SIC-specific benchmarks for competitive rates in Ohio? Set criteria to limit your analysis to sold cases in Ohio and then run a report by 1-digit, 2-digit, or 4-digit SIC option.
It is easy to use our application to design reports that answer such important questions. Call us if we help you put our application to the test regarding your particular needs.

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Important note: This demonstration copy of our database and analytics provides a realistic example of data you can query and the flexibility with which you can design reports. Some capabilities of our application may be disabled in this demonstration version. The demonstration data is not real and the demonstration company is fictitious.

"Group MarketShare offers the opportunity for fundamental change in this industry. Rational competition is the key to avoiding commoditization, serving new markets, and providing consumers with more choice."

Division President