Our interactive web-based application makes it easy to ask and answer high-value questions. Our clients interactively create all their own analyses, defining “markets” the way they want, in terms of regions or metropolitan areas and/or group demographics and/or plan features purchased. They gain proprietary insight by further segmenting these markets by any of a broad range of elements.

Group MarketShare trains users with customized one-on-one video conference training sessions and we regularly offer topic-oriented training sessions for broad groups. We help users interpret their data and generate communication pieces and slideshows. We provide expert technical and analytical support as necessary. Our goal is to help each client fully utilize this powerful marketing resource throughout its organization: underwriting, product development, market research, actuarial, and sales.

We provide additional products that allow client companies to use their access to our detailed market data in other ways at very reasonable cost:

  • Customized Mapping of Market Data. We will group market data so it automatically lines up with the way your company looks at the market by sales office territory, broker affiliations and other segmentation schemes.
  • Broker and Territory Management. Our brokerage database covers cases of all sizes and is constantly up to date. Generate brokerage lists by sales office territory or by one of 275 metro areas. Identify brokerages, even ones you don't currently write business with, that control business you want to write. View a particular brokerage's business portfolio and compare business they write with you with business they write with your competition.
  • Buyer Preference Reports. Create customized sales support material regarding plan features bought by your prospect's peer companies. Showcase your knowledge of the market and set your company apart from competition. View a sample peer-buyer preference report.
We can also do analyses for you, at very reasonable cost, if your company doesn't have the time or internal resources:

  • Detailed Rate Structure Analysis. Benchmark your company's quoted rate competitiveness by region, industry, case size, plan feature, etc. against actual current sold rates.
  • Renewal Block Modeling. Fine-tune planned renewals by comparing rates against current actual sold benchmark rates.
  • Custom-Designed Dashboard Reports. Regularly updated reports in comprehensive graphic format that monitor key competitive performance statistics by market segment. View a sample dashboard report.

"Our regional sales guy couldn't believe how much information we could produce for his market"

Division President

"These reports provide excellent information. Feedback has been very positive! We would like the same reports for the next offices on this list."

Marketing VP

"What I like is the fact that we have real, objective data rather than speculation to make decisions on. This helps us sift through anecdotal feedback from the field so we know where to focus."

Sales VP