High-Value Answers®

  • You need to monitor market trends and track your company's competitive performance in order to design and execute winning competitive strategy.
  • You need detailed, up-to-date, comprehensive and reliable data.
  • You need to drill down to and analyze results for specific buyer segments in each of your marketing regions.
  • You need flexibility to customize analyses the way you want to look at the market in order to gain special insight and a competitive edge.
  • You need to stay within a budget.
Congratulations! You've come to the right place. We offer a view of the market and rate level benchmarks that will help you develop competitive strategies and target untapped market potential, all based on facts, data and logic.

Group MarketShare compiles and manages a database of detailed market performance statistics for group insurance companies. Participating companies access the data through our patented, interactive web-based data mining system. With this data, participating companies identify areas of competitive advantage, build on successes and protect in-force business in order to maximize both profitability and growth and to minimize lapses.

Each client company gets access to powerful market information while confident that the data they provide and their own competitive performance statistics remain anonymous. Our patented software prevents any company from drilling into the database to a point where they could isolate the market position of any other specific contributing company. Reports and analytics never list data by individual company, even masked.

Our core products provide incredibly detailed market statistics for Group Life, Group Long Term Disability, and Group Short Term Disability insurance product lines. Click here for more information on sold case counts in each database.

There is no per-user fee. Authorize as many users in as many locations as your want. Users access our application through their browser. No special software is needed. Group MarketShare provides user training and responsive support to help clients interpret and analyze their data and to communicate results throughout their company. It can't get any simpler.

This is market research the way it should be! Ask high-value questions. Group MarketShare can help you get the answers.

"Now we've got a tool for connecting the dots rather than reacting to each one. We can focus discussion on the big picture."

Marketing Director

"Our regional sales guy couldn't believe how much information we could produce for his market."

Division President

"Group MarketShare offers the opportunity for fundamental change in this industry. Rational competition is the key to avoiding commoditization, serving new markets, and providing consumers with more choice."

Division President