Group Disability Insurance Market Research

Since 2001, Group MarketShare has served insurance carriers by providing powerful competitive intelligence tools representing 97% of the U.S. Group Disability market. Our services support both short-term and long-term disability insurance.

How does it work?

Our tools allow insurance carriers to understand their competitive position and make strategic decisions and what, where and how to sell. GMS aggregates data from across the industry and provides participants with a web based reporting tool.

From actuarial to sales and marketing, insurance companies are using Group MarketShare to answer questions about rating, plan design, broker coverage, and sales strategy.

What are the benefits?

  • Data set is unique to this tool – it cannot be purchased from any other source
  • Web based analytics tools are available 24x7 from any device
  • Reports are easy to export and “presentation ready”
  • Data is updated quarterly – giving you timely information
  • Simple annual fee - no per user fees
  • User Training is included in the fee, and the tool is flexible and easy to use!

Questions that you can answer in less than 3 minutes with Group MarketShare:

  • How competitive is my carrier versus other carriers by state? Which states might have opportunities for growth/expansion?
  • What is our trend in market share for groups with 50-100 lives?
  • What brokers control a business segment, by metro area, and which ones do we not yet do business with?
  • What plan design features are most popular for groups of a particular size and type?
"Now we've got a tool for connecting the dots rather than reacting to each one. We can focus discussion on the big picture."

Marketing Director

"Intuitive. Easy to use. This is very cool!"

Competitive Intelligence Analyst

"Group MarketShare offers the opportunity for fundamental change in this industry. Rational competition is the key to avoiding commoditization, serving new markets, and providing consumers with more choice."

Division President