Group MarketShare offers a lot more than just direct access to a powerful database of current, detailed market information. We use our specialized data management and analytical expertise to customize support and help each client get results they want out of this resource. Call us during business hours and a person answers the phone! Email us and you'll get a prompt response. Our business relationships are based on personal relationships which develop based on the special skills, enthusiasm, accessibility, and dependability that define us.

Group MarketShare uses information supplied by participating companies to construct aggregate market statistics which are made available only to participating companies. We then help our clients ask and answer high-value questions in order to achieve company-specific marketing objectives and to compete more effectively in their particular markets. We train users to create reports and interpret results and download data for further analysis. We follow that up with ongoing responsive assistance and custom analytical or reporting support.

Group MarketShare is an independent Maine company founded in 2001 by Frederick Brown, FSA, MAAA. Fred has over 35 years' experience in group insurance that includes actuarial, finance, product marketing, sales management, investment operations, reinsurance, and consulting.

Our offices are located in scenic Portland, Maine within walking distance of the Old Port and downtown.
"Intuitive. Easy to use. This is very cool!"

Competitive Intelligence Analyst

"Group MarketShare offers the opportunity for fundamental change in this industry. Rational competition is the key to avoiding commoditization, serving new markets, and providing consumers with more choice."

Division President

"Now we've got a tool for connecting the dots rather than reacting to each one. We can focus discussion on the big picture."

Marketing Director